About Us

We will do absolutely everything in our power to obtain a reduction for you. We have the tools, resources, and experience to get the job done. We know how the system works. We know how to deal with the towns and villages and most importantly, we know how to deal with the judges and the court system.

All aspects of our business, including every interactions with our clients, are viewed through the lens of “how would we want to be treated?”  Quite simply, we created the tax reduction service that we would want working on our behalf.  Listen to what Cynthia had to say:

As it was mentioned to you, I was particularly “suspect” of your services. As any homeowner can tell you, letters like those sent by Tax Reduction Professionals, are in the mail all of the time. Just who is the one you can trust?  My husband selected TRP and both of us could not be happier.  Yes, we received a reduction through your efforts.  Would we have felt this way if we did not?  YES we would have because of how professional you were from the beginning. Don’t forget it costs you nothing if you do not receive a reduction!
We wanted to write this letter to be used as a “testimonial” for other prospective clients. It is our pleasure to recommend the services to any homeowner seeking to reduce their taxes. To the homeowner, their commitment is unwavering; your savings are as important to the Tax Reduction Professionals as they are to you.  When TRP states you have nothing to lose, they mean it!
Thank you again for reducing our taxes and for the terrific service all around!

In the dynamic of taxpayer and municipality, don’t forget who’s boss.  You pay the bills.  Don’t be intimidated to start this process and don’t stop short of fully exercising your rights as a homeowner and taxpayer.  Make sure you’re paying your fair share and not a penny more.

You can do this, and we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you!